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About membership in Clevedon Church.

It is important for us, especially at times when key decisions need to be made about our future, that we can identify a core of people who have a commitment to our life together as a church community. We identify this group as members of Clevedon Presbyterian Church.

It is important for us to know that there is a group of people who we can especially count on to support and guide our church.

If you would like to become a formal member of Clevedon Presbyterian, then please talk to Martin or Mark or our Parish Clerk, Cameron Smith.

Would you like to share in our purpose and mission? We believe that good relationships, open discussion and a genuine desire to seek God’s calling allows us to grow as people and a community together.

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Joining Clevedon Church

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For Adults & Families

For Kids & Teens

Clevedon Presbyterian

Sunday 10.00

Church Service with a mixture of Contemporary and Traditional Music. 

Kid’s Club (Sunday School)

Kawakawa Bay

Sunday 9:30 am Kawakawa Bay

This service meets at Kawakawa Bay Hall

St. Aidan's

Sunday 10:00 am St. Aidan's

This service is held at St. Aidan's,
23 Walter Stevens Drive, Conifer Grove.

Wednesday 9:30am

Communion & prayer service.